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For Collector Cars, Trucks, Hot Rods, Sports Cars and Motorcycles of all types!

After spending 35 years as a professional engineer and being a vehicle enthusiast and
amateur mechanic and all round "car guy"  (my wife says "car nut") all my life it was a natural
transition to become a SVAI Accredited Appraiser.  I grew up with cars from the 50's and
60's, modifying flatheads as a kid, grew up in the muscle car era and never stopped
restoring, racing, and having fun with all manner of cars, sports cars, bikes and trucks.  I
have also been associated with restoration and  repair shops over the years, helping out and
working on my own cars to keep the passion alive.
My first car was a 29 Model A roadster that probably one of the first "Rat Rods" in existence
although I didn't know it at the time.  I only wanted some wheels to get to school and couldn't
afford anything fancy.  From there it has been an assortment of customs, muscle cars and
sports cars with one or two trucks for variety.  I have been and continue to be an active
member and executive in numerous car clubs, and one of the founding members and on the
board of Directors of SVAI.  (Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute

I have been trained and accredited by the SVAI & the CPPAG (Canadian Personal Property
Appraisal Group) on appraisal processes and techniques and have written a training manual
on the subject for SVAI.  I believe in detailed well written reports that clearly document what is
being appraised and how I have determined the appraised value for you.  From my technical
background I also feel details, references and research are necessary as your appraisal may
be used as a legal document for your insurance contract and such due diligence is
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